Scales avoidance-what’s it all about?

I’ve been brave this morning and faced the scales. It wasn’t my finest moment numerically-and it wasn’t a surprise that the number had gone up since my last weigh in. But I DID IT (smiles to herself) and now I have something to work on. It’s been two whole weeks since I last had the courage to clamber aboard and the result has been a loss of control over my eating (and drinking….hm,hm,… clears throat!).

What a strange relationship many of us have with the scales. (Who agrees?)

My theory is that when we feel in control and are feeling thin, we (maybe a little nervously) WANT to see the result on the scales. Conversely when we feel out of control and know that we have overindulged, many of us believe that by NOT standing on the scales somehow we can pretend that our actions haven’t impacted our weight. Many of us know that if the number goes up, it will ruin our day and we’ll feel a great sense of failure. And when we feel like we have failed it knocks our confidence. And when our confidence is knocked it reinforces the deep seated belief that we ‘just CAN’T do this weight loss thing’, that we are ‘meant to be this way’. Sometimes it even makes us feel like it’s not just weight loss that we are rubbish at, but we are failures in every area of our lives. And sometimes some of us decide the effort of trying to beat the scales is just not worth it and we give up. Yes indeed! Those pesky scales can definitely ruin your day.

They can also MAKE your day! I bet many of us have had weeks when we could have eaten more healthily and could have been a bit more active, but somehow magically when we’ve had our weekly encounter with the scales the number’s swung the RIGHT way. And of course there are those days when we stand on the scales knowing that we have had a ‘good’ week and we get a result we deserve. Those are FANTASTIC days! Those are the days when anything is possible, when the universe is on our side; those are days for celebration and jubilation!!

How strange that an inanimate object can create so many different emotions………and now I’m wondering is this just a female thing? Do men have this odd dynamic going on with the scales. My experience as a ‘weigher’ of humans (it’s a big part of my job you know) tells me no! The menfolk seem to take a scientific approach-they tend to use the scales as feed back to help them identify what’s working and what’s not. (I’m feeling a bit uncomfortable right now as I realise that I am making generalisations…….please comment and put me right if I am getting it wrong.)

Anyhow, the moral of today’s ramblings is as follows-

It’s time to take the emotion out of weighing in.
Standing on the scales once a week gives great feedback on what has gone on the week before. We can use this feedback to help us on our own unique weight loss journeys.
(N.B. The scales DO NOT offer any judgements-they just give feed back)

Standing on the scales can help you feel cleansed (a bit like a Catholic confessional???)

DELETE that last sentence (guess who was brought up as a Catholic?)- let’s change it to this-
Standing on the scales each week gives you the opportunity to leave the previous week (and any potential guilt-Oh god there goes that Catholic thing again-oops and now blasphemy-sorry!) behind and move forward.

I am going to start practising this outlook as of now-how about you?


PS. Please don’t give up on your weight loss and your health. Think about all the benefits you will gain when you are at a weight that you are comfortable with. We can do this-I know we can.


  1. rubymcguire · September 5, 2014

    I loved reading this Anna! Being a perpetual weight loser I could check off all the boxes. Loved the Catholic bit too, made me giggle!! Thanks for such a great post, I’ll definitely be coming back for the next episode. (by the way I lost today so it’s a FANTASTIC day lol)


  2. Cathy Stratton · September 5, 2014

    Hi Anna – Eventually got round to reading your blogs – THANK YOU!! – its a lovely way to look at weight loss and realize we are all on different journeys, but so often have the same doubts, guilt, control, lack-of control, enthusiasm, sense of disappointment, defeat (wow, the number of words around weight loss is high!!) as each other. And that, oh leader, is where you help us each week to sort it out in our heads 🙂 thank you!. I agree with the men v women approach being totally different. Emotions play a huge part in my eating patterns – I’m getting more aware and hopefully less likely to let them control my eating habits (on good days!). Please keep blogging – and being an inspirational leader by being so honest you are helping me enormously – even if the scales haven’t shown that recently.
    Cathy S


  3. Julie · September 5, 2014

    It sounds like you were writing that specifically to me Anna! Very apt. I ‘bottled it’ and didn’t go to WI this week, feeling a bit low on confidence & didn’t want to be knocked further. Time to take control again. Thank you. Great blog xx


  4. thecoachinista · September 5, 2014

    Thank you for so eloquently putting into words the relationship most if not all women have with the scales. I just went through the very same ritual earlier today….”pheeeew not as bad as I thought” is what I walked away with. Rather than continue using it as an indication that I am “getting away” with being not-so-on-point, I will take your advice and look at it as feedback. Thank you for sharing 🙂


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