Is this THE answer???

I may well have stumbled on the answer. Just to remind you of the question- ‘Why when I know EXACTLY what I need to do in order to lose weight, do I not just DO IT!

Are you ready for the answer? I wonder if my answer is the same as your answer?

The answer is TIME!

‘Time to sort it….’ she said. Well actually that’s exactly what I have been short of this week-TIME! It’s been a full on, higgledy piggledy week and the consequence is that I haven’t had time to write this blog! I’d intended to check in on Friday………well you know how it is…. Anyway I may be 3 days late, but at least I haven’t stood you up completely Mr Blog.

And if I sign off now and leave it at this, am I just making excuses? (For you to decide)
And if I prioritised my weight loss more, would I have found the time to focus on it more? (For you to decide)
And if I used the next 15 minutes to plan meals for the week ahead, instead of blogging-would that be more sensible? (For you to decide)

I’ve decided… that’s what I’m going to do-shopping list here I come!……….but I promise to come back to the question of time again, next time.

I’d really love it if you could leave comments below and share whether lack of time is what stops you.


Oh and did I mention I lost a pound last week?

One comment

  1. Kathrine · September 14, 2014

    Well done on losing a pound and good luck with planning and shopping this week xxxx


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