I have killed my number ONE excuse…………now what??

I have been quiet for a few weeks and here is my excuse…………there has been a major change to my life! Just over a week ago I delivered my last ever Weight Watchers meeting; I have left the job that I have done for the last 12 and a bit years and briefly, it has left me bewildered.  I still don’t know how I feel…….relieved, sad, excited, bereft, free, alone, grateful, empty, proud……hungry? (By the way ‘hungry’ was a joke J and emotional eating is a subject for another blog post.)  Seriously though I’ve had so many emotions and also new routines to work through, bewildered is a good way to describe how I have felt over the last few days.

Another bewildering realisation is, that just like that, (abracadabra), I have removed, what over the last few years, has become my number one weight loss barrier.  Let’s see if I can explain this in a way that makes sense to me, to my readers, (and of course to you Mr Blog):

There is an assumption,  that working in the weight loss industry is all the motivation one could possibly need to stay at a healthy weight.  I know I am not alone and that many of my ex-colleagues will agree, it’s not quite that simple.  That’s not to say that everyone who works in the weight loss industry struggles-of course that’s not true and many admirable people lose weight and keep it off forever. There are however, challenges that present themselves specifically to people who spend many, many hours in the week thinking and talking endlessly about losing weight, eating less and being slim!  Over the last few years I have felt as though I have pretty much become ‘immune’ to it all.  It has ended up being a subject that I know lots and lots about, but I appear to have forgotten that what I talk about can be applied to me too! Someone along the way must have given me a sneaky booster jab, which has made me resistant to weight loss!

The other side effect of trying to help others to lose weight, is that the focus is on THEM and not on me.  I’m not saying this in a ‘woe is me’ kind of way.  I have found it incredibly pleasurable and rewarding to see others change their lives for the better. It was and still is my job, after all………..but come on……..who wants to take work home with them every day of the week? We all need a break right? I was recently coached myself, and one of the most interesting things that came out from the session for me, was that I may have been deflecting the desire to be a healthy weight onto others! (Bing! Switch that light bulb on!)

Here is one more ‘reason’ it is challenging to lose weight when trying to help others do just that- some members find it reassuring/comforting that their leader is not a ‘stick insect’ (who remembers that television programme?).  Many members have told me that they like the fact that I totally understand how challenging it is to lose weight. And who am I then, to take that comfort away from them?

As I write this down now (why didn’t I do it years ago??) I realise what a big, giant excuse I have woven for myself.  What an enormous barrier to overcome!  And now it’s GONE! And I have 2 choices………..I can dip into my big bag of excuses and come up with a different one……………OR I can ditch the excuses and look for a way to achieve my weight loss goals.

What is your BIG EXCUSE? And what needs to happen for you to get over it?

Please comment below-I’d love to know how ingenious (or not!) you all are.  And if you know anyone else who may have their own weight loss excuses please share this blog with them.


  1. Anne-Marie · November 27, 2014

    Great blog again Anna – very inspiring. Yes – my ‘big excuse’ was ‘waiting for everyone to be well and life to settle down’. It turns out that there are peaks and toughs all the time….. So may as well eat healthily through them all (and forgive myself when I have a ‘wobble’).
    It’s not easy. But then lots of things aren’t – so with your inspiration I’m plodding along . Thank you – I love your honest common sense 🙂 x

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  2. catherine · November 27, 2014

    My ‘excuse’ is not enough time to exercise / plan / prepare. What a load of garbage that excuse is ….. I’ve got time for everyone else / everything else / planning at work ….. There is plenty of time for me in there somewhere so let’s find it. Even my husband told me he is fed up of hearing that excuse and then listening to me moaning about not losing weight! My trainer has given me 15 minute exercises that I know would make a difference. What is stopping me?????? Excuses are the only things stopping me.

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  3. Kathrine · November 27, 2014

    Fab post Anna and I can fully understand where you are coming from.

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  4. rubymcguire · November 27, 2014

    Great post Anna and I totally agree with you!

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  5. caroline · November 27, 2014

    Brilliant as always Anna a lot to think about in there.

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  6. Lorraine · November 28, 2014

    Wow, hit home again Anna!!! My excuse as currently struggling is I have been unhappy at work, now I have resigned and that’s good right? But hell I did love it there and I love my team and the little ones! I have a new job in the new year – so that blasted devil keeps saying, go on wait till the new year to get back at it!
    Well thanks to you again and your blog no thank you mr devil I will not wait (I have just this very minute eaten the lemon muffin you encouraged me to but mr devil I WILL be pointing it now SO THERE!!! Xxx
    Thanks Anna love you xxx

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  7. susibp · November 28, 2014

    So many excuses… One for any occasion! My current one is that I’ve got a cold so perhaps shouldn’t go to the gym and deserve just one more bit of my favourite chocolate. Who knows what it will be tomorrow?
    I do relate to your point about working in weight loss Anna… The sense of should know better can be very paralysing for many…

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  8. Mandy Butler · November 28, 2014

    Great Blog Anna and it really gives you things to think about. To be honest I don’t think I have any excuses. I think that I am similar in the fact that I have been trying for a number of years and have hit a brick wall. I know what needs to be done but can’t seem to strum up the enthusiasm to do it! I believe there is a switch in my head and I need to find the thing that will help me switch it on. The more I think of dieting the bigger I get 😦 Your blogs are are a real comfort and help x

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  9. Julia Whitney · November 28, 2014

    It’s like they say, it’s always easier to give advice than to listen to your own advice.
    I’ve been doing lots of comfort eating with mum being ill & the stress of trying to get time off work to take her to appointments. But some how I’ve managed to stay around goal.

    Good blog Anna, keep them coming!!!

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  10. victoria hignell · November 28, 2014

    Great blog Anna. I agree with you so much, I was only a weight watchers leader for 18months but found it very hard to stay at my goal weight . I look forward to following your blog. xx


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